Dr. Julio Cesar Caicedo Angulo

Materials Engineering Universidad del Valle, Universidad del Valle, Cali Colombia.

Speaker 1


Research Interest:

  • Research interests include but are not limited to Functional material systems, biomaterials, material protection and the study of synthesis of new materials.


  • Universidad del Valle (UV) Cali Colombia Doctor in Materials Engineer (Doctorado en Ingeniería con énfasis en Materiales) 2006- 2010 Universidad del Valle (UV) Cali Colombia Bachelor of Science Materials Engineer (Ingeniero de Materiales) 2000- 2006

Honors and Awards:

  • Presidential Recognition: Civic Merit Medal “Santiago de Cali”. Granted by the President of the Republic of Colombia “Juan Manuel Santos”, by scientific contribution to the country. Honorary Decree number 411.0.20 2012 http://www.mineducacion.gov.co/cvn/1665/w3-article-296261.html Journal Editor: BSP: The Open Materials Science Journal Editorial Board Member 2012 http://www.benthamscience.com/open/tomsj/.

Highlight International:

  • Paper appreciation like “vertical news by Electronics Business Journal 2011

Professional Societies:

  • Member of: American Nano Society, Sociedad Colombiana de Fisica Professional Experience: Professor Universidad de Valle, Universidad Autónoma de Occidente Cali Colombia Technical Instructor CDT ASTIN SENA Cali Colombia 2003-2006 Course: Thin Films and Hard Coating Theory, Physics III

More Information: http://eimat.univalle.edu.co/11-docentes-contratistas/38-julio-cesar-caicedo/?originalSubdomain=my