Rashid Mahmood

General Manager Technical Operations, Surge Laboratories Private Limited - Pakistan.

Speaker 1


Rashid Mahmood has Master Degree in Analytical Chemistry and MS in Total Quality Management. He has 15 years of experience of Pharmaceutical Quality Operations and has attended many international conferences as a keynote speaker. He has presented various talks in USA, Canada, UK and UAE on Cleaning Validation, cGMP Guidelines, Quality Risk Management, Role of Mass Spectrometry in Pharmaceuticals and on new Drug Delivery Systems.

Currently he is working as a General Manager Technical Operations for Surge Lab.(Manufacturer of Microencapsulated APIs, Liquid & Dry Powder Parentrals) which is the best export oriented organization of Pakistan.

Research Interest

Rashid Mahmood studied Analytical Chemistry and has completed his MS in Total Quality Management from Punjab University Lahore-Pakistan. He joined Surge Laboratories Private Limited in 2004 and immediately excelled in his executive career track. He is working as GM Technical Operations in one of the leading pharmaceutical company in Pakistan. His research interests include New Drug Delivery Systems, Quality Risk Management, Cleaning Validation, Microencapsulation, Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Polymer Chemistry, Pharmaceutical cGMP & Hot Melt Extrusion.